What we do

We meet four times per year to combine our giving power.  This is how it works:

  • We are more than 180 women who have committed to be members of the 100+ Women Who Care group.  Commitment involves attending four one-hour meetings a year and pledging $100 per meeting to give to selected Monroe County not-for-profit organizations to help them meet immediate needs in our community. We also offer a lower-cost option for women aged 35 and younger who wish to join our ranks; this category pledges donations of $50 per quarter to the chosen agency.
  • To join, each member makes a commitment donation of $100 per year to the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) to the 100+ Women Who Care endowment fund to help meet  future needs of our community. Young Women members make a $50 annual commitment donation.
  • This amounts to $500 per year per member making a difference together; $250 per year for the Young Women category.

At each quarterly meeting, three (3) members of our group are chosen to present a seven-minute explanation of a local nonprofit organization or agency in need of funds. Current members may nominate any local agency that is a registered 501c3; we draw three cards from the nomination basket at each meeting. There is a three-minute opportunity for questions after each speaker’s presentation.

A vote is then taken by written ballot and immediately counted.


The agency with the most votes is announced and each of the 100+ Women Who Care writes a check directly to the selected agency.  The checks are collected and passed along to the agency in one packet.   This allows the agency to feel the huge impact 100+ Members Who Care can make together. No checks? No problem. Credit cards will now be accepted for renewals and for quarterly contributions through the Community Foundation.  Let them know if you are interested in using your credit card when you check in.

The meeting ends – in one hour or less. The fortunate agency chosen receives more than $18,000!


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