100+ WWC in the pandemic era

Until it is safe for us to hold our meetings in person, here are our plans for continuing to support local agencies:

  1. Several weeks before the meeting date, we send an email to very member announcing the opportunity to nominate a nonprofit. Instead of the 7-minute presentation, we as the nominators to include a 100-word statement describing the mission of the organization and what it would do with the funds.
  2. Using masks, gloves, and good social distancing practices, members of the steering committee will pull three nominations out of the basket.
  3. We announce the three finalists, along with the 100-word statements for each, on Mailchimp, with an opportunity to vote. All this is also announced on our Facebook page.
  4. On the meeting date, at 6:30 PM, when we wis we could be at the country club with a glass of wine, we gather instead on Zoom and announce the winner. 
  5. We gather checks and online donations, and schedule the check presentation, to which members are invited an asked to wear a mask.

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