Back to the Future?

The very first agency that we chose to support, way back in 2011, was New Hope for Families, which at the time was a very newly established shelter for families that are experiencing homelessness. As you know, once an agency is chosen for our support, it is not eligible to be nominated again for two years. At our August meeting last week, member Emily Pike, the current executive director of New Hope, made an eloquent, informative, and stirring plea, and we once again voted to support New Hope with our quarterly donations. Congratulations, Emily! Donations to be presented on August 21st.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Future?

  1. Greetings! Thank you for the amazing work you are doing! I am one of the organizers of Power of Together 2, Southeastern Connecticut. We formed in 2016, modeling our group on the original PoT in Niantic, CT. We both operate just as you and other similar organizations do – it has been the most remarkable, fulfilling experience and we are so excited to see so many other orgs like this around the country. I hope this idea continues to grow and grow!

    The reason I am writing is to ask your permission to use your material on how to make a pitch. I have included it already on our website, but then thought it best to check with you. I’ve acknowledged you on the page and have included a link to your website. Here is a direct link:

    Thank you!
    Barb Silver

    • Hi Barb – Thank you for your message, and of course you may use our material. I’m happy if we can be of help to you. Congratulations on starting and growing your group, and best of luck to you! –Jocelyn Bowie

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