A clarification about proxy votes

IMG_1268There has been some confusion at our meetings about proxy votes. If you are a member in good standing of 100+ Women Who Care and you know you will miss the quarterly meeting, you can still have a voice. If you give your signed $100 check (with the “payable to” line left blank) to another member BEFORE the meeting, that member can claim your proxy at the time of registration. How can she claim your proxy? As follows:

  • You give her your signed $100 check (with the “payable to” line left blank)
  • She turns in your signed $100 check to the person at the registration table and signs your attendance card
  • She then accepts your vote card as well as her own vote card.
  • Your friend will then cast your vote along with her own after the 3 presentations
  • After the votes are counted and we have chosen our recipient, we will fill in the “payable to” line for all the checks we’ve received via the proxy process.

Please note: If you are due for renewal and want to vote by proxy, you will have to give your friend two checks – one for $100 made out to the CFBMC, and the second one with the “payable to” line left blank, for the recipient agency.  Let us know if you have any questions.


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