Who can nominate? And who can vote?

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 5, at the Bloomington Country Club. As usual, socializing from 5:30PM-6PM, then our business meeting from 6PM-7PM. A few reminders about how we operate:

  • You must be present and a current, paid-up member to be eligible to nominate a NFP.
  • You may only write your own name on the nomination card – duplicate cards with the same person’s name will be discarded before the drawing.
  • You may nominate one NFP per meeting. A successful presenter from a previous meeting is free to nominate a different NFP at any time, as long as she is present and her membership is current.
  • Multiple nominations for any single agency are not only permitted – they are encouraged. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your favorite NFP gets picked out of the basket. It also helps if all the nominating members have met beforehand to agree on talking points.
  • If you cannot attend but you want your vote to count, send your signed donation check for $100 to the meeting with a friend, who can claim your vote card at registration and will cast your vote. Your friend can fill in the “payable to” line at the meeting after the winning NFP has been chosen.

See you soon!


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