Welcome to our second year!

It was just a year ago that a diverse group of ladies met and enthusiastically committed to gathering 100+ women for the single purpose of making collective contributions to local not for profit organizations. We wanted the process to be quick, fun and easy but, we also wanted to express that we care about our community and that together we can make a difference.

100+ Women Who Care was off and running. By our fourth meeting, 167 women had joined forces………with their checkbooks (!) …………and significantly impacted four very worthy agencies.

We sent a loud and clear message to them, and to our community, that we really do care!

Our quarterly meetings were resounding successes –

Four agencies ………..contributions totaling $51,400……….to help meet immediate needs each have while making our community a better place.

November 2011 $ 8,100 New Hope Homeless Shelter
February 2012 $12,300 Volunteers in Medicine
May 2012 $14,500 Jill’s House
August 2012 $16,500 Big Brothers Big Sisters

Plus – a new 100+ Women Who Care endowment fund is now active with the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. This fund, to help with the future needs of our community, now totals $16,700 and will continue to grow each year as WWC members renew their commitment to care.

That comes to $68,100 in contributions from 100+ Women Who Care.

For the 81 women who attended the first meeting in November 2011, it is time to re-commit for your second year. Re-committing is easy:

There will be a special “YES! Count Me in for a 2nd Year” table at the November meeting. Please visit that table to verify all of your contact information and to give your second yearly Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) $100 contribution for the 100+ Women Who Care endowment fund.

So – remember to bring two checks to this meeting! Our November 2012 meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7. As always, we will meet at the Bloomington Country Club. The social hour starts at 5:30 PM; our meeting will run from 6 PM until 7PM.

If you prefer (or cannot come to the November meeting) you are welcome to send your $100 Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) endowment contribution directly to Carol Maloney at 2603 E. Windermere Woods Dr., 47401. Also, be sure to let me know of any contact information that may have changed since last November.

Each organization we contributed to this year was overwhelmed with surprise, excitement, and heartfelt appreciation for the unexpected gift bag of checks. The executive directors said they each took a step back to thoughtfully use the new money in meaningful ways to help achieve or even enhance their goals. How wonderful to be a part of that gift.

And how wonderful to play a role in a fund raiser that is so quick, easy, and fun but powerful! We hope that everyone decides to re-commit, and to bring a friend to join!


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