In case you are keeping track….

At our August 2012 meeting we voted to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, thanks to new member Anne Bright‘s advocacy. Want to see what an impact we’ve had so far? Take a look:

In November 2011 we donated $8,100 to the New Hope Family Shelter.

In February 2012 we donated $12,300 to the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic.

In May 2012 we donated $14,500 to Jill’s House.

In August 2012, we voted to donate our $16,600 to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Total donated to local causes to date: an awesome $51,500!

Reminder: Anne will lead the check presentation to Big Brothers Big Sisters at 10 AM this Tuesday (August 28, 2012) at their office (807 N. College Ave, Suite 101 – driveway and parking is between their building and the Scholars Inn B&B). Be there if you can!



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