So much to love about this!


Today we had the great pleasure of meeting the students and the teacher behind the Hoosier Hills Career Center project that won our support at our November meeting. Several of the students spoke beautifully about what this project means to them and to our community. We are so happy and proud to support this extraordinary school, and the students and teachers who are part of it.

Back to the Future?

The very first agency that we chose to support, way back in 2011, was New Hope for Families, which at the time was a very newly established shelter for families that are experiencing homelessness. As you know, once an agency is chosen for our support, it is not eligible to be nominated again for two years. At our August meeting last week, member Emily Pike, the current executive director of New Hope, made an eloquent, informative, and stirring plea, and we once again voted to support New Hope with our quarterly donations. Congratulations, Emily! Donations to be presented on August 21st.

May selection: Community Kitchen

We first voted to support Community Kitchen with our donations back in February of 2013. After two years, an agency that has won is eligible for re-nomination. Congratulations to 100+ Women Who Care member Carol Dilks, who serves as a member of the board of Community Kitchen, and who successfully advocated on their behalf at our meeting on May 2, 2018!

Starting 2018 off right

We met on Feb. 7 and voted to support Hoosier Hills Food Bank. So many people renewed their commitment! It was truly heartening. Our February renewal donations and donations to HHFB brought our total giving to just above $688,000. Think of that – as an individual, if you have been a member from the first meeting back in 2011, you have given $3,100. Together, though, we have given so very much more. Next meeting: Wednesday, May 2, 2018. See you there.